TALK #1: Christofer Gradin Franzén & Robin Carlsson

Christofer Gradin Franzén has a PhD in both psychology and economics and is, in true 2FACED1 spirit, interested in weaving together different perspectives and seeing processes and structures from different angles simultaneously.

He is the co-creator of Hoffice, a movement that lets people without a fixed working place share structured and inspirational working hours, by utilizing each other’s homes – completely free of charge. He wrote a master’s thesis in economics about microentrepreneurs within the tourism field in Gambia, and concerning the possibilities of social and ecological sustainability. This led to him to Sri Lanka, where he worked with social development projects within the grassroots organization Sarvodaya, which has its origins in Buddhism.

“I think these areas of knowledge: psychology and buddhism, meditation in particular, are the most important for our social development processes today. To me, they are about how we will create a sustainable, more loving and beautiful society without being perished by the systems we have already created.”

Christofer is also one of the developers behind the psychological board game Cohero, which is designed to help building the organizations of the future: where self sufficient and committed individuals each contribute with their unique abilities and dedication. The world is facing enormous challenges as well as fantastic opportunities – to handle these we need new models and approaches. Through clear individual and collective visions, great personal responsibility, participation and independence – success is created together, in tune with the world around us and the environment. Is this compatible with 2FACED1?

Adding to this, Christofer has 15 years of experience from coaching basketball and working with management development issues within the field.

Robin Carlsson, also known as the artist Robyn, spent the early years of her life with her parents in a travelling theatre collective. As a teenage pop artist she went to the US on her own, and has since then successfully managed to create her own space within the music industry, especially through the founding of her own record label ten years ago. Her music and her live performances are characterized by an innovative approach to norms and technology. Robin has built what many would agree to call one of Sweden’s strongest personal brands, something which in part has helped finance her creative process and music production.

Her many collaborations with other artists, most recently Kindness, bears witness to a need for a context, as does her connection to 2FACED1. Robin has a unique feeling for the spirit of the times, an ability to reach out to people, along with a special talent to draw emotion and intimacy with her music – what place could such tools hold in a context outside of the “entertainment business”?



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