TALK #1: Christofer Gradin Franzén & Robin Carlsson

Christofer Gradin Franzén has a PhD in both psychology and economics and is, in true 2FACED1 spirit, interested in weaving together different perspectives and seeing processes and structures from different angles simultaneously. He is the co-creator of Hoffice, a movement that lets people without a fixed working place share structured and inspirational working hours, by utilizing … Mer TALK #1: Christofer Gradin Franzén & Robin Carlsson


A Rhizomatic* Romance is a series of intimate, curious talks over a set dinner at Miss Clara Hotel. Each evening, an artist or musician – with that special talents of; sensing the sign of the times, talking directly with/to emotional intelligence and making alternative ways of living – meet with another progressive mind, someone with more research- and theory … Mer WHAT IS A RHIZOMATIC ROMANCE?


2FACED1 is a loose transnational creative collective, bound together by a mindset evolving around stereotypophobia and the view of identity as something fluid and changing depending on context. A 2FACED1 emphasizes similarities in the approach to traditional identity indicators (such as class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs etc.) – rather than those set identity indicators themselves. … Mer WHAT IS 2FACED1?